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Business Succession Planning

Business owners must consider succession planning from both short and long-term perspectives early on, and develop a plan that meets your specific goals.

For most business owners, their business interests are their most important assets. I work with entrepreneurs to develop the strategy and implement the tools which allows them to transition their business interests to their children, other existing partners or unknown future buyers. Each strategy is customized to meet the specific goals of the owner and takes into account various tax and operational considerations.

The following considerations need to be taken into account when creating a business succession plan.

Short-term considerations:

  1. Management: How will changes in the current management structure and business processes affect your products and services?
  2. Customer Service: What processes and safeguards are in place to ensure the quality and performance of your products and services, and to meet new demands brought on by new or existing customers?
  3. Resources: What additional resources (e.g. contractors, employees, equipment, etc) will you need to meet the changing needs or your customers?

Long-term considerations:

  1. Ownership: How will you prepare for the loss, transition or addition of the owners? What requirements and checks and balances are in place for the new ownership?
  2. Valuation: How will you prepare for the increased or decreased valuation of your business, and is there a plan for the sale or transfer of the assets or equity?
  3. Taxation: What are the tax consequences to the owners and the business in the event there is a change in ownership, sale of the assets or other organizational change?
  4. Liability: Who will be liable for the risks associated with new ownership, new products and services or other business transactions?
  5. Environment: What will happen if market conditions or the state and federal laws that govern business entities change?

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