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Probate Litigation

As Michigan probate litigation lawyers, we utilize our 25-plus years of experience working with the Michigan probate system to help our clients reach favorable outcomes in probate disputes. These disputes typically involve:

  • Will contests
  • Trust contests
  • Guardianship proceedings
  • Conservatorship proceedings
  • Contested pre-death transfers
  • Disputes over inheritance amounts
  • Undue influence or lack of testamentary incapacity
  • Execution of estate planning documents with fraud, duress, or mistake

We will advise you on the best course of action, regardless of size or complexity of the matter at hand. Where litigation or trial is unavoidable, we will take appropriate action that is both cost effective and strategically sound to help you achieve the desired outcome.

Will Contests

Some common challenges to Michigan wills include:

  • Undue influence by another on the testator
  • Statutory validity of the Michigan will
  • Last-minute changes to a Michigan will when the testator is on his or her deathbed
  • Fraud or duress
  • Mental incapacity, including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, mental illness and major depression

Don’t Wait

In most Michigan probate litigation scenarios, you only have a short period of time to contest a will or other probate dispute. That is why it is so very important for you to contact us as soon as possible and avoid the prospect of your claim being barred. If you need experienced counsel to contest a will, or believe you have been denied your just inheritance through the improper use or administration of a trust, call us immediately for assistance.

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